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Review: Out of Position!

Kyell Gold Novel “Out of Position” is a good story and one to pick up among the multitudes of furry fiction that exist in the fandom today. It entertains; it keeps you on your seat and second-guessing on what going to happen to the two main characters until the very end, especially at the very last section of the novel. There are moment that you get so wrapped up in the story you didn’t want to put the novel down. One remarkable aspect about the book is that the entire novel is told from a first person perspective. Focusing first on Delvin, Lee and then back to Delvin again. To which Kyell was able to utilize well. Other than going back and forth, it allowed him to effectively leave parts of the story out which added suspense in an unpredictable environment. Unfortunately this is my review and I did find some issue with the novel. In fact as you can tell I liked the story, it was a good story, better than most online and furry fiction stories I read but it could have been a great story.

First thing that struck me about Kyell Gold writing is his wordiness. Though this aspect to an author is not necessarily a bad thing, but sometime I find that it can deter someone from telling a rather good story. During one part of the Novel, Lee was talking to his father and in the description Kyell was detailing the billiards game. Though the background of the billiards game had a roll in adding to the atmosphere, I felt that knowing the position of every ball and what ball his father hit to go into what pocket was overkill. That among many other points in the novel that I felt could have been shortened down and summarize. I also felt that the football in the novel was a little bit of a distraction. This novel was not about football even though it was a very big part of the story, it was about a gay couple trying to make it and cope in a straight world. Though I felt the football was important, I also felt that I didn’t need to learn the game in order to understand the novel. After a certain point in the novel I skipped over the football parts and in retrospect I feel I didn’t really miss anything important, if their was something I felt that I missed, then I reread those parts only. My last minor issue with this book was the fact, that in all it’s glory, it’s descriptions, it suspense, it powerful imagery, I felt hindered when it came to the sex. Don’t misunderstand me, I love a good yiff story now and then, but this wasn’t a yiff story. It was again a story about a gay couple in a straight world. In most good fiction if sex is there or required you have one or two detailed scene, or maybe one or two chapter, but it felt every time this couple was alone we went into a sex scene. Technically they do have a new relationship and sex will happen, but I think we could of summarize a lot of the sex scene’s or alluded to it like Kyell did a few time in the novel instead of going into detail most of the time. The last issue and the major issue I had with the novel is that I felt that Delvin wasn’t gay enough for me. Let me elaborate on that. I felt that if Delvin and Lee broke up, Delvin would have no problem going back to a female. The reason I say this is because Delven didn’t really mention how he was attracted to other men, in fact he recognizes the fact that he is only get a “hard on” with Lee. When I picked up this novel I was wanting to route for a “completely” gay man in a professional football environment, even through Delvin was in a gay relationship, to me didn’t strike me at all overtly gay. I know he’s in a committed relationship but that doesn’t mean he should be dead. I look at porn all the time, see guys and sprout wood, but I’m in a committed relationship. I would of like to see that from Delvin’s character. Also Delvin who has grown up straight for all of his life, just found out he’s gay, and their was no focus on this aspect of his life. There was a focus on his relationship to lee, but that was only his relationship. What about the emotional turmoil or the internal soul searching one finds himself or herself in once you realize you are gay. Though with him as he is, even if he is a bisexual man in love with a guy but could go back to a girl at any time still does not detract from the story due to the fact that he is in a gay relationship but I could not really identify with the character all that much. That’s why this was may last issue since it felt more like a personal issue than a writing issue. I could identify with lee more than Delvin and it was Delvin I wanted to identify with the most.

So if I had to give this book a proverbial rating of 1 star to five stars. One being the worst and five being the best, this was hands down a four, go out and read it. If you like football then you will love this book. If you hate football, you might have some issues like I did but the story is worth reading. Probably one of the best furry novels our their.
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